Which level language C is?

Hello guys…

So C was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at AT&T Bell Laboratories and C is the most popular programming language for all time.

So lets get to the topic What is the level of C ? Is it Middle level or low level or High Level language?

There are various pros and cons related to this and other controversies too.

We can say that it is High level of language because we are using keywords such as if-else, for , while etc which are just as in our common language.

Secondly we can say that it is a low level language because there are pointers and memory addressing.

And finally there is something for Middle level too because it is largely used in system programming such as hardware configuration and interrupt handling. And it is the mixture of pascal (High level) language and assembly (Low Level) Language. So it can be called as middle level language.

Now when we assign or declare some array in C then the name of the array refers to the starting address of the array in memory ie. the address where the array begins in memory. The array elements are stored in contiguous memory locations. The length of array  is not remembered in the array itself. The indexing of array don’t start with 1 it starts with 0. The Multidimensional array is stored in contiguous memory locations ie they are stored row wise not column wise.

C don’t support the nesting of functions (at physical hardware level). In C the value is returned by function but it is ignored. It supports variable length argument list.The function name is converted to pointer ie. it can be thought of as an address ie the address to which control is transferred when that function is called .The return values of function can be used as l-values. For example float *fun(); we can write it as *fun()=5.0;

This allows us System programming as well as application programming so its a middle level language.This is the beauty of the C..!

Enjoy and have a Happy Programming.. 🙂