NUG chat meet up

So friends today we had a NUG nagpur skype chat meet up this can be called as a 2nd meet because first meet was held almost a week ago. So officialy it was second meet.
The meet was joined by almost 10 people and we had nice talk (chat) on the Netbeans Platform in which some innovative ideas were put front by Tushar sir and Harsh sir and other members. NUG will held The NetBeans Platform Certified Training will be held on
27 and 28th November 2010. The time is 1.30pm to 8.30 pm. and they will allow only 20 candidates to this training so some of the ideas were while learning the NetBeans Platform such as badge system for the NUG members who achieve some milestone while learning and the track is maintained on different page of each NUG member. There are specific material available for our learning. There were some people who joined us late but its not anybody’s problem as we live in the timezone (IST – Indian Stretchable Time) it happens to the people who lives in this timezone. okay jokes apart but still the meeting was fine and it was productive so we all enjoyed this meet up.

Most of the people created the page to track the record of our progress.

You can join this group on:

Twitter : Hashtag : #NUGNagpur
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Download NetBeans IDE 6.9.1