Social Networking – Properly used

Nowadays when the person completes its graduation then he/she wants a job or internship. Many people or students do work in the summer holidays as they complete the session which will help them earn and learn something. So to land onto a job or internship we try our every single contact which we have and tell them so that we can earn something and will remain out of home for a valid reason. This time we will try something different for the job/internship.

I suggest we can use social media or social networking efficiently so that we can have it. Companies, firms and businesses hire people via social network or at least they screen the candidate via social network. Recently I read news that a Businessman hired a person over the other just because he has talked with him on some social network site. Though all the people won’t do such thing but they can definitely use the networking site to screen that candidate.

LinkedIn is a social networking site made specifically for professional life. We can say that LinkedIn is a combination of Facebook and Twitter but it has many specific tools that help us further our career. The first thing we need to do is sign up for an account to fill out our profile. After filling the complete profile we can make connections on that site. On linkedIn there is no concept of friends or followers we have to make connections over there and they are divided in First Degree, Second Degree etc.

LinkedIn has a tool called as ResumeBuilder which takes all the information from the profile and builds resume for us. We can edit it as we want that means if we don’t want some columns in our resume so we can remove them. Another Tool is Career Explorer which is not only useful in finding your future job but also good for your life. Along with such powerful tools and functions some other functions such as wordpress, events,  slideshare etc. are there which can help us to build the resume. there are so many people out there on these social networking sitesI just said about linkedIn here but there are various other social networking sites such as twitter, facebook, myspace which can be used for the above purpose.

Social networking and social media sites has tremendous amounts of information. Most of it is publicly available. New search engines have been developed specifically to find information in Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Many of us are going to get a job now or then so we can use various other tools around us to get to our goal. As always all the social networking sites are free. So we can make use of all of them very properly.


Facebook – Social Networking Site

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This must be pretty interesting subject as its name suggests.
because as soon as this name appears many of us have interest in it. Yeah I’m not blaming the name but its such a common word in our day to day life. Almost all the netizens (Citizens of Internet) have the account on Facebook. [This is yet another social networking site.] This topic came to my mind as I was watching The Social Network. Its the movie about the birth of Facebook. All the original names are used in this movie based on the life of Marc Zukerberg(please ignore spelling mistake in name). But the main agenda is not just Facebook I am going to share my thoughts about all the social networking sites in fact only social networking sites.

The Social Networking site is the site where we can have our accounts we can share our thoughts, photos, videos and many other stuff of our likes. Now days there are many social networking sites such as,, and along with all such sites there are other sites such as microblogging sites which are etc. Previously there are sites such as to share the photo albums or some company such as Kodak allows its users to create and share the photo albums. But the social networking sites made it all happen so that we can share our thoughts, pictures, videos and many other things at the same time. this is the beauty of social network, where we can be in contact of our friends.

Today more than 500 million people have account on facebook. On such site we can find the people, forums, blogs of our interest for example I have interest in Football so I can find the pages related to my interest can discuss there about the ongoing or future matches etc. I can share my thoughts there. On such sites there is a self explanatory page we call it as a Profile where the likes and dislikes, interests, activities are shown so that other people will know them better.

Basically the idea behind the social networking is that how you present yourself in front of virtual world and how good people know you. Sometimes this information is used in your real life too. As everyone of us have an account on such site. In this virtual world of social networking sites we can put our things without thinking that anybody will read it or not that is we don’t care if anyone listen to us or not. These sites are addictive some sites are providing free games so people wastes a lot of time playing those games. As there are disadvantages of such sites there are some advantages too.

But we will think about advantages and good things only and just enjoy being there.. Have a great time..

see you soon.. 🙂 😉