Speed up your symbian phones

Nokia phones… (Symbian Phones)

Till now Nokia Inc are the boss of the Mobile world that is in selling handsets. So many of us are using Nokia phones. Nokia bought Symbian Inc in 2008 and then started developing OS for its phones and the main problem is that after some months the phones get slower and slower which is very irritating for the users.

So here is something to cheer about and be happy because there are some ways to deal with such slow phones and we are discussing them here.

there are various options such as Memory Management, 3rd party tools, and a trick within your phone.

The very common reason is that people put so much of data in that little phone that it cant handle. Though your phone has lot of internal memory try not to fill it with large amount of data or pictures, sound clips or video clips of large size, always store them to external memory stick so that it can be organized and handled efficiently.

now coming towards 3rd party tools for memory management and to for JVM of phone which takes control of JVM and analyzes all programs running in background.and there are various other 3rd party tools to clean registry and applications and cache memory of the phone to remove installed application we can try those other softwares too to get more from our nokia symbian phones.

there is another trick

  • set the phone’ date to 01.05.2005.
  • Navigate to the calender application and create 2 new to do
  • now set the following parameters in each of them
    subject: speed
    due date: 04.08.2005

    subject: Quokie
    due date: 04.08.2005

  • confirm both the notes as done and leave that calender application
  • Now revert the date of the phone.
  • The game is done the phone will start working fluently and you can feel the difference.

So guys enjoy the tricks and if you have any other good tricks then please add them in your comments.



Symbian OS

Dear Friends I’m back today with yet another topic for you.

Today I’m going to explain you something about Symbian OS what was it before a Symbian OS and how it is evolved?

Nowadays we all own a cellphone does anybody think that there can be an operating system in the mobile phones? OK leaving that question apart today there are various different kind of smart phones are available in market (there is a long lasting list). So all these smart phones run on some operating system viz iOS(Apple smart phones), Maemo(Linux based OS), Symbian, Java, Android, Windows Mobile etc.

Symbian is the descended from the EPOC family of operating system which is developed for Portable Devices by Psion. There were various version of EPOC in the market. In 1998 Psion Software became Symbian Ltd with the Nokia, Motorolla and Ericsson. and after which the next release of the EPOC was named as Symbian OS though this was first symbian os still its version was 6.0 then the next version was 6.1 and other various versions were launched 7.0 , 8.0 ,9.0 to 9.5 but the revolution was 9.2 which was used in Eseries and Nseries phones. Now the latest version of Symbian is Symbian^3.

Security is one of the most important criteria in an operating system.Symbian OS was subject to a variety of viruses.However, with a view that the average mobile phone user shouldn’t have to worry about security.

Symbian was the first platform specifically developed for smartphones – it started the smartphone revolution and remains at the heart of the people. The Symbian platform is used by more people in more places than any other mobile OS, making Symbian the most popular smartphone platform on the planet.The Symbian platform gives you the power to do more with mobile. The code of symbian is freely available so anyone can redesign and build the operating system for mobile device. Symbian OS are packaged in .sis format and can be installed by any way which is available bluetooth, via PC etc. In 2008 Symbian Ltd was acquired by Nokia and new independent Symbian Foundation was established.

The Symbian OS features multitasking and storage protection, to save the time and the most important is security of data.Symbian uses a microkernel, has a request-and-callback approach to services, and maintains separation between user interface and engine. The OS is optimised for low-power battery-based devices and for ROM-based systems.

Symbian devices can also be programmed using Python, Java ME, Flash Lite, Ruby, .NET, Web Runtime (WRT) Widgets and Standard C/C++.As of 2010, the SDK for Symbian is standard C++, using Qt. It can be used with either Qt Creator, or Carbide A phone simulator allows testing of Qt apps. Apps compiled for the simulator are compiled to native code for the development platform.