Partition your Harddisk



In personal computers, a partition is a logical division of a hard disk created so that you can have different operating systems on the same hard disk or to create the appearance of having separate hard drives for file management, multiple users, or other purposes. In other words its is the division performed to manage all your documents, media and valuable data. I think that there is no use of explaining the term PARTITIONING the name self explanatory.
So when it comes to partitioning some part of it must be given to the Operating System.I advice that any important and project related data must not be stored in this partition because from this part of the disk the system is run.

The Partition Table

Partition information is stored in the partition table, a reserved area at the beginning of a hard disk.
When you are installing the Operating System for first time insert the CD/DVD in the drive and restart PC. The setup will detect that XP is already installed on the system and would ask if you want to repair it. Bypass this step by pressing ESC.A list of all existing disks partitioned or non partitioned will appear use the arrow key to move on and select the desired disk. Use following keys to go around with the partitioning business.
C-to create new partition
D-to delete any existing partition L to confirm deletion
Enter-to create partition with maximum size.
To create new partitions in some space you should delete any current partition on disk space. After completing the settings continue with installation.
After installing hard drive in your system you might want to create partitions in it. Open control panel select classic view to list all the icons click on administrative tools then select computer management upon clicking this option a popup window will appear. On Left hand side select Disk Management. Then a popup window will appear and from this window you can add, delete, format drive according to your requirements.

Have a Happy Partitioning.