YouTube Live

As the telecom technology improves the speed of Internet also increases. At the first we can only communicate within the restricted area and campus. But then we can communicate with the whole world with the help of wired internet or wireless internet. Then we have 2G wireless internet. Nowadays we has 3G wireless internet and the Broadband Wired internet with the increased connecting speed, browsing speed and downloading speed.

We can now watch live TV on the go with the help of 3G services we have. There are various other sites and applications which allow us to watch TV on the go or watch live streaming of a Football or Hockey Match.

 YouTube has announced YouTube Live, their new live streaming product. They’ve introduced a new browse page specifically for Live, where you can see an overview of the most compelling live events being broadcasted at any given moment. YouTube has started rolling out its live streaming beta platform, which will provide qualified YouTube partners the capability to broadcast live video via YouTube Live in the coming months. The platform will likely be rolled out very slowly to keep everything running smoothly without any problems.

Youtube has increased its Maximum upload limit to 15 minutes:

Youtube allows its users to upload the videos of 10 minutes though the number of videos is not restricted but the length of video is restricted. Now youtube is changing that they have increased their maximum upload limit to 15 minutes. The 10 minute limit was imposed to stop the piracy. It made the things difficult for the users though 15 minutes will not change condition more.