This is yet another release by EA sports. This time the Game is launched in both PC and PS version.

Our team had their hands on the Game…
After the fiasco of the FIFA 10 , as there are not many changes from FIFA 09 to FIFA 10 thats why I called it as a fiasco. So after the same game launched by EA Sports with the different name. We wanted EA to do something creative for ‘Football Lovers’ and they this time didnt let us down and launched the game FIFA 11 with the tagline “We are 11, FIFA 11 “.

There are drastic change in the game from FIFA 10 or we can call it FIFA 09 too. First of all the Menu is totally changed there are two types of playing Online Mode and Offline Mode. where a player can play the game online and offline too..the game doesnt take much time to install and start playing . the game is based on the PS framework.

The offline mode has various option such as ‘Be a Pro’ , ‘Manager Mode’ etc. where we can choose the player of our choice in Be a Pro mode and play the season by creating the manger. The main work done by EA is they worked hard on pitch and tried to give the real time experience but as compared to PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) it doesnt look good.

In online mode we can play 10 players at a time that means 5 vs 5 on PC and 11 vs 11 players on console. It has one of the easiest process to connect to online players and start match. In online mode there are various players connected all over the world so many players jump in to plat the game. As the game is based on PS framework it will give the best experience on playstation.

Now coming towards the pricing the PC version costs Rs. 999 whereas the PS3/XBOX version costs Rs.2499.

This game is good buy for money and have fun while playing…

Enjoy the Game, stay united…!