To Play it or not To Play it ???

You guys might have thinking that what the heck this guy is talking about?? Is he insane and all other things. Today what he is now thinking and what he want to tell us. But to put down all your thinking I’m starting today’s topic “To Play it or not To Play it???”

OK not extending the suspense, I’m talking about the new game “Medal of Honor” by EA (Electronic Arts). Now you all must be completely mad on me because for the game lovers this game is just like the God. And you all will be thinking that whats all to speak on this game and why we are reading this. So in recent days this game was in the news just because of the environment in the game. The UK defense secretary said about the upcoming game that this game allows players to choose the side in Afghan war and play as a Taliban and fight the war against the western Soldiers. and the UK defense secretary appealing the retailers to ban this game.

Now according to EA they have done a lot of research to develop this game. and some sources they hired some ex-members of special forces to increase the reality in game. Now the point is that Is it a nice decision to ban this game just because it has some things which are against the western forces? or just to ban the game just because it has violence in it? Its all upto EA why they chose this topic for the Medal of Honor.

On the other side I can elaborate the second question and tell the answer, so according to me this second question just doesnt exit. If that game has to be banned just because it has violence in it then its hopeless because there are many other games in this world which are more older than a decade. Lets take an example of counter strike. Its also the same game in which player has to select the side he can opt for the terrorist side or anti-terrorist side. So the critics must think on this before saying anything about the game on violence issue.

Then for a player the Game is just a Game which he want to break. So it doesn’t matter from which side he plays ? For him they are just the hurdles in the way to complete his game. So from the game its not the message that we just have to blow each and everyone out in the world and behave like players inside the game, its just an entertainment and the side in the game doesn’t affect the real world so its too childish to ban the game just because its has some thing to do with real topics and allows players to choose the other side.

So I’ll be definitely going to play this game…