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This must be pretty interesting subject as its name suggests.
because as soon as this name appears many of us have interest in it. Yeah I’m not blaming the name but its such a common word in our day to day life. Almost all the netizens (Citizens of Internet) have the account on Facebook. [This is yet another social networking site.] This topic came to my mind as I was watching The Social Network. Its the movie about the birth of Facebook. All the original names are used in this movie based on the life of Marc Zukerberg(please ignore spelling mistake in name). But the main agenda is not just Facebook I am going to share my thoughts about all the social networking sites in fact only social networking sites.

The Social Networking site is the site where we can have our accounts we can share our thoughts, photos, videos and many other stuff of our likes. Now days there are many social networking sites such as orkut.com, facebook.com, myspace.com and along with all such sites there are other sites such as microblogging sites which are twitter.com etc. Previously there are sites such as flickr.com to share the photo albums or some company such as Kodak allows its users to create and share the photo albums. But the social networking sites made it all happen so that we can share our thoughts, pictures, videos and many other things at the same time. this is the beauty of social network, where we can be in contact of our friends.

Today more than 500 million people have account on facebook. On such site we can find the people, forums, blogs of our interest for example I have interest in Football so I can find the pages related to my interest can discuss there about the ongoing or future matches etc. I can share my thoughts there. On such sites there is a self explanatory page we call it as a Profile where the likes and dislikes, interests, activities are shown so that other people will know them better.

Basically the idea behind the social networking is that how you present yourself in front of virtual world and how good people know you. Sometimes this information is used in your real life too. As everyone of us have an account on such site. In this virtual world of social networking sites we can put our things without thinking that anybody will read it or not that is we don’t care if anyone listen to us or not. These sites are addictive some sites are providing free games so people wastes a lot of time playing those games. As there are disadvantages of such sites there are some advantages too.

But we will think about advantages and good things only and just enjoy being there.. Have a great time..

see you soon.. ūüôā ūüėČ



4G its the fourth generation of the cellular standards, which is also the short form of the fourth generation wireless network which is the next version of the 3G. this technology is in progress.

4G uses orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) instead of time division multiple access (TDMA) or code division multiple access (CDMA) are increasingly marketing their services as being 4G, even when their data speeds are not as fast as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) specifies. International telecommunication Union says that it is necessary for a mobile device to transmit data at speed of 100 Mbits/sec so that it can be called as a 4G device.

Lets take a look at OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing): It states that OFDM split the signal  into several narrowband channels at different frequencies. This is more efficient than TDMA. Whereas in TDMA channel is divided into time slots and has multiple users take turns transmitting bursts or CDMA, which simultaneously transmits multiple signals on the same channel.

Requirements for 4G:

Need to dynamically share and utilize the Network resources.

Easy handover over different networks.

Based on all IP packet switched network.

Ability to offer high quality service.

Scalable channel bandwidth, between 5 and 20 MHz.

4G Technology offers high data rates that will generate new trends for the market and prospects for established as well as for new telecommunication businesses. 4G networks, when tied together with mobile phones with in-built higher resolution digital cameras and also High Definition capabilities will facilitate video blogs. Cellular systems such as 4G allow seamless mobility; thus a file transfer is not interrupted in case a terminal moves from one cell (one base station coverage area) to another, but handover is carried out. The terminal also keeps the same IP address while moving, meaning that a mobile server is reachable as long as it is within the coverage area of any server.


3G this is the name which is booming in India. India is going 3G as many I think almost all the telecom companies are starting the network which will deliver the 3G services to the Users/Customers of the Telecom company. The spectrum is sold by the Governing body of India TRAI. I know that its a much old thing in the world outside India but its still new to the people here in India and now some people in the metro cities are using 3G services.

What is 3G?

3G basically stands for 3rd Generation technology for mobile or cellular telephony which is also known as International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000). It has some enhancements over the previous versions such as high speed, global roaming, advanced multimedia access etc.

Specifications of 3G

It is following the pattern of generation that is created by the ITU (International Telecommunications Union). 3G network has a speed which varies and depends on the speed of the user. ie the moving speed of the user. If the user is walking then it will be around 384kbps and if user is on fast moving vehicle then it will be dropped to the 128 to 144 kbps. The speed me go beyond 2mbps  on certain enviornment.

Main Features of 3G

  • The speed is enhanced much more time as compared to previous versions.
  • It increases the bandwidth.
  • We can watch TV through internet.
  • Enhanced video streaming.
  • Supports video conferencing.
  • Web can be browsed at higher speeds.

What we need?

To access 3G we need a mobile device which has 3G functionality in it. It¬†doesn’t¬†matter with the number and position of camera or the operating system the phone has. It must be a 3G compatible phone. there can be 2 cameras(rear and front) on such phones because this allows video calling.

you can connect to 3G network via a sim card or the 3G data card which are sold by service provider.

iPod nano

Apple…! nowadays this name is on everybody’s mouth.. and why not they earned the status by the quality of electronic devices they are providing to people…

By the way we are talking about yet another product by Apple Inc. “Apple iPod Nano”. This is the personal music player. If anybody needs the tiny and small music player then this is the nice choice.

Now coming towards the specifications it has a 240*240 pixel Capacitive Touch screen LCD display. The sound quality is not at that quality as that of the older iPods by Apple Inc. Another good feature of iPod Nano is that it supports the FM radio. It also has the built in pedometer. There are 3 buttons on the top of the body of the iPod one is for power on/off and other are volume control keys.

The main thing is that though the sound quality is not that good as compared to older versions of the iPod the quality of sound is better than other music players in this segment. The user interface is easy, fast and simple to use.

It comes in 2 categories 8GB and 16GB and weight is around 21gm. the value of 16GB is around Rs. 12,700.

You can view the iPod on http://www.apple.com/ipodnano/


Motorola Split

Now days there are lots of companies which are merging into another company and some big companies are splitting into different companies.The company which is the first to launch mobiles, early televisions and the first one to broadcast from the moon has split into 2. But it is confirmed that Motorola Inc. is now split into 2 companies.

  1. Motorola Mobility Inc.
  2. Motorola Solutions Inc.


Now all the manufacturing related to cellphones (mobile phones) and set top boxes will be carried by Motorola Mobility Inc. whereas Motorola Solutions will focus on public safety radio and enterprise handheld devices. Now the logo on the Motorola mobiles will be changed if you buys the one.

The official website of motorola quotes that “Motorola Mobility delivers personalised information to meet the needs of consumers both in the home and on the go, while the Motorola Solutions provides business and mission-critical communication products and services to enterprises and governments”

It also stated that for every 8 shares hold by the stockholder will get one share of Motorola Mobility and seven shares of Motorola Solutions.Motorola has been the heart of the customers they started with the car radios and television sets and Mobile phones along with the police radios and barcode readers for the government agencies.

Just because of the smart phones launched by other companies the sell of motorola mobiles fell which once enjoyed the largest sell of cellphones. But now the sell is towards up side thanks to android phones.


Speed up your symbian phones

Nokia phones… (Symbian Phones)

Till now Nokia Inc are the boss of the Mobile world that is in selling handsets. So many of us are using Nokia phones. Nokia bought Symbian Inc in 2008 and then started developing OS for its phones and the main problem is that after some months the phones get slower and slower which is very irritating for the users.

So here is something to cheer about and be happy because there are some ways to deal with such slow phones and we are discussing them here.

there are various options such as Memory Management, 3rd party tools, and a trick within your phone.

The very common reason is that people put so much of data in that little phone that it cant handle. Though your phone has lot of internal memory try not to fill it with large amount of data or pictures, sound clips or video clips of large size, always store them to external memory stick so that it can be organized and handled efficiently.

now coming towards 3rd party tools for memory management and to for JVM of phone which takes control of JVM and analyzes all programs running in background.and there are various other 3rd party tools to clean registry and applications and cache memory of the phone to remove installed application we can try those other softwares too to get more from our nokia symbian phones.

there is another trick

  • set the phone’ date to 01.05.2005.
  • Navigate to the calender application and create 2 new to do
  • now set the following parameters in each of them
    subject: speed
    due date: 04.08.2005

    subject: Quokie
    due date: 04.08.2005

  • confirm both the notes as done and leave that calender application
  • Now revert the date of the phone.
  • The game is done the phone will start working fluently and you can feel the difference.

So guys enjoy the tricks and if you have any other good tricks then please add them in your comments.



This is yet another release by EA sports. This time the Game is launched in both PC and PS version.

Our team had their hands on the Game…
After the fiasco of the FIFA 10 , as there are not many changes from FIFA 09 to FIFA 10 thats why I called it as a fiasco. So after the same game launched by EA Sports with the different name. We wanted EA to do something creative for ‚ÄėFootball Lovers‚Äô and they this time didnt let us down and launched the game FIFA 11 with the tagline ‚ÄúWe are 11, FIFA 11 ‚Äú.

There are drastic change in the game from FIFA 10 or we can call it FIFA 09 too. First of all the Menu is totally changed there are two types of playing Online Mode and Offline Mode. where a player can play the game online and offline too..the game doesnt take much time to install and start playing . the game is based on the PS framework.

The offline mode has various option such as ‚ÄėBe a Pro‚Äô , ‚ÄėManager Mode‚Äô etc. where we can choose the player of our choice in Be a Pro mode and play the season by creating the manger. The main work done by EA is they worked hard on pitch and tried to give the real time experience but as compared to PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) it doesnt look good.

In online mode we can play 10 players at a time that means 5 vs 5 on PC and 11 vs 11 players on console. It has one of the easiest process to connect to online players and start match. In online mode there are various players connected all over the world so many players jump in to plat the game. As the game is based on PS framework it will give the best experience on playstation.

Now coming towards the pricing the PC version costs Rs. 999 whereas the PS3/XBOX version costs Rs.2499.

This game is good buy for money and have fun while playing…

Enjoy the Game, stay united…!



 Whats this???

¬†NFC though its name resembles with KFC it don’t have anything to relate with KFC, its completely different. The question is still there…. what is NFC it is the technology called “Near Field Communication”.

So this technology works on very short range of about 10 centimeters with the help of High frequency wireless technology so that data can be exchanged between the Devices.

 Now another question might occur in your mind that where the heck this came from? To answer this question this NFC (Near Field Communication) is the combination of various other technologies which are already in use. NFC works at 13.56 MHz and has the ability to exchange or transfer data with another device at speeds of up to 424 Kbits/second. I know the people reading it may now understand about the data given in last sentence in simple words we can say that the NFC will work in somewhat similar fashion that is of Bluetooth. Till now maximum people will know about the working of the Bluetooth. But the main difference is that Bluetooth nowadays have lot of range but as said earlier this post NFC works withing the range of few centimeters. And it will make it easy for users to use it. As said it works the same way as a Bluetooth connection works it can have both the capabilities of Reading the data from and Writing the data to other devices.

 There are some differences between the NFC and Bluetooth. In Bluetooth we have to first turn it on then searching, waiting, pairing with other device and then transferring of the data. This will be simplified in Near Field Communication (NFC). We just have to take the two devices close to each other with some security request we can pair the devices with each other.

Now the main point is that where is the actual use of this technology that means application of this technology.

This can be used at various places such as Public Transport to give the mobile tickets, and may be used as credit/debit card to transfer the money.

Then if you want to show the pictures you have taken by your camera on your TV or on Laptop then no need to First of all search for the USB cable and all that by using NFC we can connect the Camera to Laptop or TV so that the time is saved and efforts too. In some ways this is quiet interesting and fun to use with its effectivity and easy to use feature.

So just imagine How this technology changes the World in the Future…!!!

God Bless All…!



As the name suggests that it is taking or acquiring some properties from somewhere if we go into its actual definition then INHERITANCE means to get some properties, characteristics or qualities from the predecessor by succession. In this post the inheritance in C++ is discussed.

The definition according to the programming is that the process by which the one class acquire the properties of objects of another class. In other words Inheritance is the mechanism deriving new class from an old one is called inheritance which is also called as derivation. This concept provides the idea of Reusability. This allows user to tailor almost the complete class without any side effects.

The different types of Inheritance are:

1)      Single

2)      Multiple

3)      Hierarchical

4)      Multilevel

5)      Hybrid

The Inheritance adds some more concepts derived class and base class. The syntax of derived class is

Class <derived-class-name> : visibility mode <base-class-name>


//body of derived class


The visibility mode part is optional here it can be private or public. If its not provided then its private.

Now when the class is publically inherited then the public part of base class becomes the public part of the derived class (in short the public part of base class is inherited to the public part of the derived class) and when the base class is privately inherited then public members of the base class become private members of the derived class.

The private members of the base class are not derived In any of the conditions given above.

Sometimes when we want in our program to inherit the private members of the base class then the C++ provides another visibility modifier, protected. Whenever the member is declared as protected, then that member is accessible by member functions to the class which is derived from that base class.


NetBeans Platform Certified Training

Hello Dear Friends,
I joined the group called NetBeans User Group, Nagpur a couple months ago. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Inaugural meeting of this group. then I joined this group so that I can learn something about NetBeans and Java. But as I read the mails on mailing list and other things related to NetBeans on netbeans.org I found this very interesting and I keep reading and gathering information about it. When we had our first skype chat meetup at that time also I was confused with the two things one is NetBeans IDE and other is NetBeans Platform. then Tushar Joshi who is founder of this group told us about the NetBeans Platform training and for that training we have to complete some badges which are maintained on our page (http://nugnagpur.wikispaces.com/) where each one of us have separate page on that wikispaces link. So because of those badges I got some information about NetBeans Platform and the training of the 2 days (27th and 28th November) is good. Where I learnt various things like how to create Java Swing Applications or in other words we can say Desktop Application. I learnt How to create Modules and plugins for the NetBeans.
There were 17 people who attended the training and Geertjan Wielenga was the speaker from Amsterdam who works for oracle.
Some of our friends from Togo and a person from canada also joined us and don’t ask me their names I still not know names of some people who attended the training with me.
On first day we learned many things such as to create our own modularity,central registry, dependency management, lookup, java extension mechanism and many more and created a application wordeditor in which we converted the given string to uppercase and lowercase.
On the second day of this training we discussed about the Node API , explorer views, visual management, Actions etc. and an application about the Student Registration Application..

At the end of the day all of us are the NetBeans Certified Associate and the main conclusion is that I understood it somewhat.. To become a NetBeans Certified Engineer we have to create an application or plugin that will be approved by NetBeans. The application to be approved by NetBeans it must be unique or must an update for the already created project or plugin.

Now I’ll start learning NetBeans so that I can get more from it and hoping to start the application on my own or with the help of all my friends on the NUGmailing list.

The special thanks to Geertjan Wielenga because he spent his weekend talking with a laptop (Computer) without seeing anyone of us and to Tushar Joshi who made all arrangements for all of us for this training.

Thank You to all other whose names are not mentioned above and hoping to attend many more training in the future…

The snap of attendees of training.