Thanks Giving & Cyber Monday

Thanks Giving an US festival which is observed on 4th Thursday of November in US it is observed on different days in different countries. 2nd Monday of October in Canada, 1st Thursday of November in Liberia. Right now we will talk about ‘Thanks Giving in US’ only. I won’t go in much details why the day is observed or day’s history, I’ll come straight to the point. Read more of this post


Social Networking – Properly used

Nowadays when the person completes its graduation then he/she wants a job or internship. Many people or students do work in the summer holidays as they complete the session which will help them earn and learn something. So to land onto a job or internship we try our every single contact which we have and tell them so that we can earn something and will remain out of home for a valid reason. This time we will try something different for the job/internship.

I suggest we can use social media or social networking efficiently so that we can have it. Companies, firms and businesses hire people via social network or at least they screen the candidate via social network. Recently I read news that a Businessman hired a person over the other just because he has talked with him on some social network site. Though all the people won’t do such thing but they can definitely use the networking site to screen that candidate.

LinkedIn is a social networking site made specifically for professional life. We can say that LinkedIn is a combination of Facebook and Twitter but it has many specific tools that help us further our career. The first thing we need to do is sign up for an account to fill out our profile. After filling the complete profile we can make connections on that site. On linkedIn there is no concept of friends or followers we have to make connections over there and they are divided in First Degree, Second Degree etc.

LinkedIn has a tool called as ResumeBuilder which takes all the information from the profile and builds resume for us. We can edit it as we want that means if we don’t want some columns in our resume so we can remove them. Another Tool is Career Explorer which is not only useful in finding your future job but also good for your life. Along with such powerful tools and functions some other functions such as wordpress, events,  slideshare etc. are there which can help us to build the resume. there are so many people out there on these social networking sitesI just said about linkedIn here but there are various other social networking sites such as twitter, facebook, myspace which can be used for the above purpose.

Social networking and social media sites has tremendous amounts of information. Most of it is publicly available. New search engines have been developed specifically to find information in Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Many of us are going to get a job now or then so we can use various other tools around us to get to our goal. As always all the social networking sites are free. So we can make use of all of them very properly.

After TSUNAMI effect on World

Now 8 days have been passed after the tsunami hit Japan. People showed lot of courage after the tsunami and earthquake of more than 9 Richter scale. They never behaved like a Hippocrates where they should have behaved like it. But they kept their calm and cool to support their country their government started rescue operations in different parts of country affected by the tsunami and quake.  We must salute their courage. In this disaster where more than 16000 people are reported missing and died and official number is 6400+ are already dead.

The question is Will it affect the world?

But this is not main problem. As Japan is the world’s 3rd largest economy in world, various countries depend on them. In fact various other economies depend on them. The largest hit sector is automobiles and IT. According to the sources as their electricity supply broke down due to the failure of their Nuclear Power Plants. Almost all the nuclear power plants were shut down. Some of them exploded and radiation started from them. The radiation reached almost 300 miles away in Tokyo.

As said earlier in this post the largely hit sector are the Automobiles and IT. So according to the sources Honda halted production in their plants in Japan and can’t restart work their till Sunday which is now extended to Wednesday. Honda has told their dealers in US that they can’t start working in full fledge till the first week of May. Toyota and Nissan are also facing the same problem. They are unable to start production due to lack of fuel, power supply, raw material and the labours. The main thing to concern is that Japan is the main supplier of many electronic raw materials to the world. They supply worlds 57% of quota of various chips which go into the mobiles, cameras, laptops, computers, tablet PCs etc. Apple may face shortage of some parts of its new iPad2. And the same fate is followed by Sony, Hitachi.

As the world is already under the crisis of increasing cost of Crude oil this 9+ Richter scale rocked the world. This may lead Japan to recession and slow the global growth. As Japan is dealing with the nuclear breakout since Chernobyl and loss because of earthquake we can just hope that the effect of all this on the remaining world will be just Limited and Small.

Let us pray for the victims of this Disaster and Hope that Japan will come out of it Quickly.

God Bless us all.


3G this is the name which is booming in India. India is going 3G as many I think almost all the telecom companies are starting the network which will deliver the 3G services to the Users/Customers of the Telecom company. The spectrum is sold by the Governing body of India TRAI. I know that its a much old thing in the world outside India but its still new to the people here in India and now some people in the metro cities are using 3G services.

What is 3G?

3G basically stands for 3rd Generation technology for mobile or cellular telephony which is also known as International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000). It has some enhancements over the previous versions such as high speed, global roaming, advanced multimedia access etc.

Specifications of 3G

It is following the pattern of generation that is created by the ITU (International Telecommunications Union). 3G network has a speed which varies and depends on the speed of the user. ie the moving speed of the user. If the user is walking then it will be around 384kbps and if user is on fast moving vehicle then it will be dropped to the 128 to 144 kbps. The speed me go beyond 2mbps  on certain enviornment.

Main Features of 3G

  • The speed is enhanced much more time as compared to previous versions.
  • It increases the bandwidth.
  • We can watch TV through internet.
  • Enhanced video streaming.
  • Supports video conferencing.
  • Web can be browsed at higher speeds.

What we need?

To access 3G we need a mobile device which has 3G functionality in it. It doesn’t matter with the number and position of camera or the operating system the phone has. It must be a 3G compatible phone. there can be 2 cameras(rear and front) on such phones because this allows video calling.

you can connect to 3G network via a sim card or the 3G data card which are sold by service provider.

iPod nano

Apple…! nowadays this name is on everybody’s mouth.. and why not they earned the status by the quality of electronic devices they are providing to people…

By the way we are talking about yet another product by Apple Inc. “Apple iPod Nano”. This is the personal music player. If anybody needs the tiny and small music player then this is the nice choice.

Now coming towards the specifications it has a 240*240 pixel Capacitive Touch screen LCD display. The sound quality is not at that quality as that of the older iPods by Apple Inc. Another good feature of iPod Nano is that it supports the FM radio. It also has the built in pedometer. There are 3 buttons on the top of the body of the iPod one is for power on/off and other are volume control keys.

The main thing is that though the sound quality is not that good as compared to older versions of the iPod the quality of sound is better than other music players in this segment. The user interface is easy, fast and simple to use.

It comes in 2 categories 8GB and 16GB and weight is around 21gm. the value of 16GB is around Rs. 12,700.

You can view the iPod on


Motorola Split

Now days there are lots of companies which are merging into another company and some big companies are splitting into different companies.The company which is the first to launch mobiles, early televisions and the first one to broadcast from the moon has split into 2. But it is confirmed that Motorola Inc. is now split into 2 companies.

  1. Motorola Mobility Inc.
  2. Motorola Solutions Inc.


Now all the manufacturing related to cellphones (mobile phones) and set top boxes will be carried by Motorola Mobility Inc. whereas Motorola Solutions will focus on public safety radio and enterprise handheld devices. Now the logo on the Motorola mobiles will be changed if you buys the one.

The official website of motorola quotes that “Motorola Mobility delivers personalised information to meet the needs of consumers both in the home and on the go, while the Motorola Solutions provides business and mission-critical communication products and services to enterprises and governments”

It also stated that for every 8 shares hold by the stockholder will get one share of Motorola Mobility and seven shares of Motorola Solutions.Motorola has been the heart of the customers they started with the car radios and television sets and Mobile phones along with the police radios and barcode readers for the government agencies.

Just because of the smart phones launched by other companies the sell of motorola mobiles fell which once enjoyed the largest sell of cellphones. But now the sell is towards up side thanks to android phones.



This is yet another release by EA sports. This time the Game is launched in both PC and PS version.

Our team had their hands on the Game…
After the fiasco of the FIFA 10 , as there are not many changes from FIFA 09 to FIFA 10 thats why I called it as a fiasco. So after the same game launched by EA Sports with the different name. We wanted EA to do something creative for ‘Football Lovers’ and they this time didnt let us down and launched the game FIFA 11 with the tagline “We are 11, FIFA 11 “.

There are drastic change in the game from FIFA 10 or we can call it FIFA 09 too. First of all the Menu is totally changed there are two types of playing Online Mode and Offline Mode. where a player can play the game online and offline too..the game doesnt take much time to install and start playing . the game is based on the PS framework.

The offline mode has various option such as ‘Be a Pro’ , ‘Manager Mode’ etc. where we can choose the player of our choice in Be a Pro mode and play the season by creating the manger. The main work done by EA is they worked hard on pitch and tried to give the real time experience but as compared to PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) it doesnt look good.

In online mode we can play 10 players at a time that means 5 vs 5 on PC and 11 vs 11 players on console. It has one of the easiest process to connect to online players and start match. In online mode there are various players connected all over the world so many players jump in to plat the game. As the game is based on PS framework it will give the best experience on playstation.

Now coming towards the pricing the PC version costs Rs. 999 whereas the PS3/XBOX version costs Rs.2499.

This game is good buy for money and have fun while playing…

Enjoy the Game, stay united…!

To Play it or not To Play it ???

You guys might have thinking that what the heck this guy is talking about?? Is he insane and all other things. Today what he is now thinking and what he want to tell us. But to put down all your thinking I’m starting today’s topic “To Play it or not To Play it???”

OK not extending the suspense, I’m talking about the new game “Medal of Honor” by EA (Electronic Arts). Now you all must be completely mad on me because for the game lovers this game is just like the God. And you all will be thinking that whats all to speak on this game and why we are reading this. So in recent days this game was in the news just because of the environment in the game. The UK defense secretary said about the upcoming game that this game allows players to choose the side in Afghan war and play as a Taliban and fight the war against the western Soldiers. and the UK defense secretary appealing the retailers to ban this game.

Now according to EA they have done a lot of research to develop this game. and some sources they hired some ex-members of special forces to increase the reality in game. Now the point is that Is it a nice decision to ban this game just because it has some things which are against the western forces? or just to ban the game just because it has violence in it? Its all upto EA why they chose this topic for the Medal of Honor.

On the other side I can elaborate the second question and tell the answer, so according to me this second question just doesnt exit. If that game has to be banned just because it has violence in it then its hopeless because there are many other games in this world which are more older than a decade. Lets take an example of counter strike. Its also the same game in which player has to select the side he can opt for the terrorist side or anti-terrorist side. So the critics must think on this before saying anything about the game on violence issue.

Then for a player the Game is just a Game which he want to break. So it doesn’t matter from which side he plays ? For him they are just the hurdles in the way to complete his game. So from the game its not the message that we just have to blow each and everyone out in the world and behave like players inside the game, its just an entertainment and the side in the game doesn’t affect the real world so its too childish to ban the game just because its has some thing to do with real topics and allows players to choose the other side.

So I’ll be definitely going to play this game…