Thanks Giving & Cyber Monday

Thanks Giving an US festival which is observed on 4th Thursday of November in US it is observed on different days in different countries. 2nd Monday of October in Canada, 1st Thursday of November in Liberia. Right now we will talk about ‘Thanks Giving in US’ only. I won’t go in much details why the day is observed or day’s history, I’ll come straight to the point.

I am very much interested in culture of Thanks Giving in US reason being  while surfing through different shopping and deals sites (from US), I found one thing very peculiar and interesting. They had very good offers and deals on those sites offered all across the globe. The e-commerce sites are ready to deliver the content anywhere on the Earth. I just got curious I surfed more about the “Cyber Monday” and got some awesome deals on Laptops, iPods, Tablets, Mobiles etc. and various other stuff like jewellery, books, movies, songs and what not. Everything was there for sale and that too at a very cheap price.

While discussing the same topic with friends I came to know that they also observed the same thing and some of them literally bought some stuff over the internet. As it was very cheap and vendors are ready to ship it anywhere people or we can say consumer in India bought the items he needed. I basically liked this “Cyber Monday” thing. As we people in India get the things which we want at a much lesser cost. This is like the best offer the people all over the world get.

I read in one Business Newspaper that this year ,on thanks giving, turnover was about $11.6 billion. Retailers are predicting this year’s Cyber Monday will attract record shoppers keen to stock up on online bargains. Large number of brands are offering best deals to the buyer.

I hope that people across the world bought lots of stuff this “Thanks Giving” and “Cyber Monday” and you all had a “Happy Thanks Giving”.

Enjoy  shopping.

Merry Christmas. 🙂


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