New Experience

After some quarter year I’m back now !!

I was busy in the new phase of my life. I was hired by an IT company in pune. So I was unable to bring something new for you.

Now as my training is over and I’ve time for blogging. The new experience is not only about the IT company but the life in IT industry. The fresher is the most important source of an IT company for various reasons.

As for the life its very nice and healthy atmosphere here got some new friends and got opportunity to see this side of world. As now I’m earning I promise you that I’ll convert my blog to a site in the coming future.

And now towards the training part: First I was selected for BI(Oracle Apps) training then the next day I was shifted to Java Training. The Java Training was very good. This was really a Fantastic and New experience for the fresher like me. I put my hands on the assignments and It was quite a nice thing happened to me. These 35 days are like . . . . . . I lived like that I’m not a human but still (you can call it a survival task from some stupid reality show on an idiot channel) as one of my good friend said “Getting selected in campus recruitment  is not a big task, surviving there is the big task.” and thinking on his words I did the work and today I’m survived and I’m very happy for that. 🙂

And yeah I’ll never forget the late night staying at Company, some light moments with the friends, stressed faces and many more.. :p

And on the eve of Diwali United were thrashed 1-6 by ManShitty so it was one of the saddest day in my life.  😦

You Enjoy The Diwali.. Have a Happy and Safe Diwali.. 😀


About ameyasworld
I think I'm very shy guy... and too much funny.. I love to increase my friend network but always my nature comes before it ... I love reading books and listening to GOOD music.. I'm a diehard fan/supporter of my Manchester United

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