Tricks of Android

Today’s boom in mobile market is of android. As many people all over the globe are using in fact buying Android phones. So just like other phones there are some peculiarities of the Android OS too. Many of us just don’t know those features so here I tried to put some of the very important features of Android phone.

Lets start with Contacts

The faster way to access the phone, text or email: When you want to make a call or text or email a person in your contacts next time don’t tap just once on its name instead tap on the photo of that contact which will open the menu with call, text or email icon.

Unwanted Caller: If you don’t want to receive the call of someone then add that number to your phonebook (if not present in phonebook). Then edit that entry scroll to the bottom of the options looking for additional information, after opening the menu just click on send directly to voicemail option.

While typing msg or email: While typing the email or message when you want to end the line you look for period key don’t worry just tap the space bar twice which will give a period and put a place after that line.

Silencing the call: You can get rid of phone call by sliding or tapping the red key on your mobile screen. But you can stop your phone from ringing by using power button or volume button.

Long Press: If you want to do various things with your android phone then you have to use this thing “The Long Press” many times which will enable many options for you. This is just like the Right/Third click of your android phone. In fact not only on your screen but you can long press hardware buttons of the phone and know the various functions.

Sharing options while surfing internet: While surfing the internet if you find any interesting page of website you can directly share it on your facebook or twitter account.There is an option in browser’s more menu called ‘share page’. Tapping that option will open the facebook in browser or facebook application and the link will be set up to be shared.

Stop the screen from turning off: When the phone is plugged in you can use this feature. In short you have to disable battery saving option. In settings app of your phone you have to turn on the ‘Stay Awake’ option. So you can use your phone while reading or as a clock on table.

Email shortcuts: if you are using gmail app in your phone you can create separate shortcut icons to accounts and labels. This will let you create different folders for work and personal emails.

There are many other features of the Android and I want you to explore them and share with us.


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