After TSUNAMI effect on World

Now 8 days have been passed after the tsunami hit Japan. People showed lot of courage after the tsunami and earthquake of more than 9 Richter scale. They never behaved like a Hippocrates where they should have behaved like it. But they kept their calm and cool to support their country their government started rescue operations in different parts of country affected by the tsunami and quake.  We must salute their courage. In this disaster where more than 16000 people are reported missing and died and official number is 6400+ are already dead.

The question is Will it affect the world?

But this is not main problem. As Japan is the world’s 3rd largest economy in world, various countries depend on them. In fact various other economies depend on them. The largest hit sector is automobiles and IT. According to the sources as their electricity supply broke down due to the failure of their Nuclear Power Plants. Almost all the nuclear power plants were shut down. Some of them exploded and radiation started from them. The radiation reached almost 300 miles away in Tokyo.

As said earlier in this post the largely hit sector are the Automobiles and IT. So according to the sources Honda halted production in their plants in Japan and can’t restart work their till Sunday which is now extended to Wednesday. Honda has told their dealers in US that they can’t start working in full fledge till the first week of May. Toyota and Nissan are also facing the same problem. They are unable to start production due to lack of fuel, power supply, raw material and the labours. The main thing to concern is that Japan is the main supplier of many electronic raw materials to the world. They supply worlds 57% of quota of various chips which go into the mobiles, cameras, laptops, computers, tablet PCs etc. Apple may face shortage of some parts of its new iPad2. And the same fate is followed by Sony, Hitachi.

As the world is already under the crisis of increasing cost of Crude oil this 9+ Richter scale rocked the world. This may lead Japan to recession and slow the global growth. As Japan is dealing with the nuclear breakout since Chernobyl and loss because of earthquake we can just hope that the effect of all this on the remaining world will be just Limited and Small.

Let us pray for the victims of this Disaster and Hope that Japan will come out of it Quickly.

God Bless us all.


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