3G this is the name which is booming in India. India is going 3G as many I think almost all the telecom companies are starting the network which will deliver the 3G services to the Users/Customers of the Telecom company. The spectrum is sold by the Governing body of India TRAI. I know that its a much old thing in the world outside India but its still new to the people here in India and now some people in the metro cities are using 3G services.

What is 3G?

3G basically stands for 3rd Generation technology for mobile or cellular telephony which is also known as International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000). It has some enhancements over the previous versions such as high speed, global roaming, advanced multimedia access etc.

Specifications of 3G

It is following the pattern of generation that is created by the ITU (International Telecommunications Union). 3G network has a speed which varies and depends on the speed of the user. ie the moving speed of the user. If the user is walking then it will be around 384kbps and if user is on fast moving vehicle then it will be dropped to the 128 to 144 kbps. The speed me go beyond 2mbps  on certain enviornment.

Main Features of 3G

  • The speed is enhanced much more time as compared to previous versions.
  • It increases the bandwidth.
  • We can watch TV through internet.
  • Enhanced video streaming.
  • Supports video conferencing.
  • Web can be browsed at higher speeds.

What we need?

To access 3G we need a mobile device which has 3G functionality in it. It doesn’t matter with the number and position of camera or the operating system the phone has. It must be a 3G compatible phone. there can be 2 cameras(rear and front) on such phones because this allows video calling.

you can connect to 3G network via a sim card or the 3G data card which are sold by service provider.


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