iPod nano

Apple…! nowadays this name is on everybody’s mouth.. and why not they earned the status by the quality of electronic devices they are providing to people…

By the way we are talking about yet another product by Apple Inc. “Apple iPod Nano”. This is the personal music player. If anybody needs the tiny and small music player then this is the nice choice.

Now coming towards the specifications it has a 240*240 pixel Capacitive Touch screen LCD display. The sound quality is not at that quality as that of the older iPods by Apple Inc. Another good feature of iPod Nano is that it supports the FM radio. It also has the built in pedometer. There are 3 buttons on the top of the body of the iPod one is for power on/off and other are volume control keys.

The main thing is that though the sound quality is not that good as compared to older versions of the iPod the quality of sound is better than other music players in this segment. The user interface is easy, fast and simple to use.

It comes in 2 categories 8GB and 16GB and weight is around 21gm. the value of 16GB is around Rs. 12,700.

You can view the iPod on http://www.apple.com/ipodnano/



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