Motorola Split

Now days there are lots of companies which are merging into another company and some big companies are splitting into different companies.The company which is the first to launch mobiles, early televisions and the first one to broadcast from the moon has split into 2. But it is confirmed that Motorola Inc. is now split into 2 companies.

  1. Motorola Mobility Inc.
  2. Motorola Solutions Inc.


Now all the manufacturing related to cellphones (mobile phones) and set top boxes will be carried by Motorola Mobility Inc. whereas Motorola Solutions will focus on public safety radio and enterprise handheld devices. Now the logo on the Motorola mobiles will be changed if you buys the one.

The official website of motorola quotes that “Motorola Mobility delivers personalised information to meet the needs of consumers both in the home and on the go, while the Motorola Solutions provides business and mission-critical communication products and services to enterprises and governments”

It also stated that for every 8 shares hold by the stockholder will get one share of Motorola Mobility and seven shares of Motorola Solutions.Motorola has been the heart of the customers they started with the car radios and television sets and Mobile phones along with the police radios and barcode readers for the government agencies.

Just because of the smart phones launched by other companies the sell of motorola mobiles fell which once enjoyed the largest sell of cellphones. But now the sell is towards up side thanks to android phones.



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