Whats this???

 NFC though its name resembles with KFC it don’t have anything to relate with KFC, its completely different. The question is still there…. what is NFC it is the technology called “Near Field Communication”.

So this technology works on very short range of about 10 centimeters with the help of High frequency wireless technology so that data can be exchanged between the Devices.

 Now another question might occur in your mind that where the heck this came from? To answer this question this NFC (Near Field Communication) is the combination of various other technologies which are already in use. NFC works at 13.56 MHz and has the ability to exchange or transfer data with another device at speeds of up to 424 Kbits/second. I know the people reading it may now understand about the data given in last sentence in simple words we can say that the NFC will work in somewhat similar fashion that is of Bluetooth. Till now maximum people will know about the working of the Bluetooth. But the main difference is that Bluetooth nowadays have lot of range but as said earlier this post NFC works withing the range of few centimeters. And it will make it easy for users to use it. As said it works the same way as a Bluetooth connection works it can have both the capabilities of Reading the data from and Writing the data to other devices.

 There are some differences between the NFC and Bluetooth. In Bluetooth we have to first turn it on then searching, waiting, pairing with other device and then transferring of the data. This will be simplified in Near Field Communication (NFC). We just have to take the two devices close to each other with some security request we can pair the devices with each other.

Now the main point is that where is the actual use of this technology that means application of this technology.

This can be used at various places such as Public Transport to give the mobile tickets, and may be used as credit/debit card to transfer the money.

Then if you want to show the pictures you have taken by your camera on your TV or on Laptop then no need to First of all search for the USB cable and all that by using NFC we can connect the Camera to Laptop or TV so that the time is saved and efforts too. In some ways this is quiet interesting and fun to use with its effectivity and easy to use feature.

So just imagine How this technology changes the World in the Future…!!!

God Bless All…!


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