NetBeans Platform

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The NetBeans Platform allows applications to be developed from a set of modular software components called modules. Understood nothing??

hmm anyways… lets begin with the NetBeans first.

so the NetBeans is the (IDE) for developing with Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Groovy, C, C++, Scala and others.

and NetBeans is the framework for Java Desktop Applications.

The NetBeans Platform is a Swing-based framework on which you can base desktop applications. The Platform contains APIs that simplify the handling of windows, actions, files, and many other things typical in applications. In other words its the framework used to simplify the Java Desktop Applications.

Now NetBeans began as a project under the faculty of the Mathematics and Physics in 1996. Recently the NetBeans introduced the 6.9 version of its IDE. and its freely available.

The main benefit of the NetBeans Platform is its modular architecture. Secondary benefits are the NetBeans Platform’s reliance on the Swing UI toolkit. The feature of the NetBeans platform can be termed as a Module as I said in the first line of this post. We can write our own modules to provide an additional feature for editor. A NetBeans module is a group of Java Classes that provides the some feature. The platform does not add a lot of overhead to your application — but it can save a huge amount of time and work. It provides the reliable and flexible application architecture which saves a large amount of time. As its architecture is modular it helps us to create powerful and extensible application.

The features of the NetBeans platform are:

  • Modular Runtime Container
  • Loose Coupling and Selection Management
  • FileSystem
  • Window System
  • Data Management

and various other advantages such that it uses the swing which is the standard user interface toolkit, provides rich set of APIs,

The NetBeans IDE bundle contains the Java SE contains what is needed to start developing NetBeans plugins and NetBeans Platform based applications. As the platform helps user to reuse the applications common to the desktop applications. The other features are such as dialog boxes, menus and toolbars, window management, saving and loading data etc.

In short its the NetBeans platform allows us to Develop the Java Swing Desktop Applications easily and enable us to write modules for it.

Thats what I know about Platform…



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