Hello everyone… away from blogging from almost a fortnight now.
so we will today see what is blogging actually is ? some information about it and many more things..
The blog can be defined as a web page or publication of an author or a person about its personal thoughts and information which he wants to share. The word blog comes by mixing words “web log”.Now days its very nice way to connect to lots of people by using this blog and share the information and knowledge.After publicizing the article the reader can leave comment and discuss the topic which is explained in the article. There are various types of widgets which allows the blogger and reader to use various other sites. In simple words its the great way to interact with the whole world with a click.
Types of blogs are Personal Blogs and Corporate Blogs.
So we can say that blogs are really the wheels of the internet which always drives it forward.
there are some sites which offers free blogs to users such as , etc.
So why wait friends just create a blog and get started to exchange,share the information knowledge you have.


About ameyasworld
I think I'm very shy guy... and too much funny.. I love to increase my friend network but always my nature comes before it ... I love reading books and listening to GOOD music.. I'm a diehard fan/supporter of my Manchester United

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