First of all in your mind the question arises <What is this HTML5 matter?>

HTML5 is a new version of HTML and XHTML . The HTML5 draft specification defines a single language that can be written in HTML and XML. It attempts to solve issues found in previous iterations of HTML and addresses the needs of web applications an area previously not adequately covered by HTML.

Yeah I know that its not something that you wanna read.

Now a days the need of web applications is that watching video and listening music on internet for that we need to install plugins.What you want web video on your mobile phone without using flash plugins. If that is all for what you are looking then Yes HTML5 does this for you to spend the entire days on and other such sites.One of the main task of the HTML5 is about taking steps towards building a web without restrictions.

Ok.. now have you ever took a look at web page’s HTML view? (if no then right click on web page and select view source) there you’ll find something very extraordinary structure which is known as tags for every single part of that web page.I’m wondering why nobody’s talking about the benefits of HTML5? Because one of the major problem with HTML5 tags is that we cant see them though it helps a web function to work better. It just like that we are trying to build the fabric using invisible threads.

Secondly HTML5 that everyone hopes will put Flash in ground forever with this <canvas> element, that means in simple words that it will tell browser that this part of web page is a canvas and anyone can write on is the site who removed its flash based PDF viewer and changed it with canvas based HTML5.Another thing is that HTML5 provides some application programing interfaces so that developers can use javascript . So this combination of Javascript and HTML5 will kill Flash.

<So will it kill flash??>

I dont think so there are some reasons first is there are some controversies over which video format should be added in a <video> tag whether it is ogg or webM? but flash has its own format. secondly we cant view video in full screen mode. and the third one is HTML5 doesnt support ads. Site such as recieves a lot of revenue from advertisements that appear before and after videos.

Addition in HTML 5

<Offline Mode>

Have you noticed that you can use gmail and google docs even when our internet connection is fluctuating. This happens because they use offline caching which lets web application store date on your PC,making it run faster and remain accessible even when we are offline.

<Geolocation> It allows web applications to access your current location (with your permission). And many more  such as local database, cross document messaging etc. . .

So its not all over for flash though there are some areas where it can replace flash and bring new dimensions to the world wide web but only curvy corners and shiny toolbars are not the only thing.


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